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          About the Company

          McGuire Bearing Company
          McGuire Bearing Company is the largest regional distributor of bearings and power transmission products, with 9 branches in the Pacific Northwest.

          McGuire Bearing Company has grown and expanded over the last 50 years by offering quality products, competitive pricing and excellent service.

          • Family-owned distributor of bearings and power transmission components
          • Large Inventories – Our large inventories make us easy to do business with
          • Knowledgeable Personnel – Well trained inside and outside sales personnel
          • Engineers on Staff – Three graduate engineers on staff for application and technical assistance
          • Quality System – Designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9002
          • Free Delivery – We offer free delivery in the local metropolitan area
          • Machine Shops in most of our branches, give us fast service and flexibility on product modifications
          • Belt Shop – Offers slitting, splicing and fabricating capabilities for all types of conveyor belting
          • Technical Services – Offers laser alignment, vibration analysis, balancing and bearing failure analysis
          • Gear Box Assembly & Repair – Our gear box modification capabilities allow us tremendous flexibility in quickly meeting our customers’ needs
          • On-Line Inventory – Our on-line inventory allows instant access to inventory in any branch

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